keep showing up

keep on keeping on

keep learning, whatever your age

keep life simple

keep reading every day, to learn, to be inspired, for inspiration

keep growing as a person

keep laughing

keep up with the news

keep persevering

keep multi-tasking mixed in with a little side-tracking

keep it short and simple

keep asking questions

keep promises

keep in the moment

keep hoping

keep lists, lists, lists

keep a hobby

keep spreading joy

keep giving

keep time for play

keep working towards your goals, one at a time

keep trying

keep working towards a solution together

keep your heart open

keep listening

keep your mind active

keep walking, moving

keep breathing

keep being a friend

keep priorities

keep a journal and calendar

keep true to yourself

keep showing up on the page, at the easel, where you are creative

keep a weekly date with your husband/wife, your child, yourself, a friend

keep celebrating and wishing on birthday candles

keep praying

keep persevering in prayer

keep the memory of those you love and lost close to your heart

keep time for family

keep the faith

keep looking up


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