gathering around good food

expressed in the care with which food is prepped to your only need to grab and go

in the beauty of its simplistic presentation

sometimes like impressionists, Monet and Menat, who were fond of savoring meals in secluded gardens

choose to have your basket ready to travel and move at the hint of a day’s venturing out

break up the routine and make a picnic out of your ordinary day

just jump in the getaway car

into a picnic state of mind

with a simple basket, the perfect carrier for picnic impromptu moments, or one of laundry-size, for themoses of coffee and mason jars of tea, along with whatever food essentials you need

always filled with deliciousness depending on your mood or style

with a quick stop at the nearby deli, bakery, KFC, or favorite take out

to add ground covers of tablecloths, a favorite colorful quilt or a simple beach towel for a table

slip in a canvas and stakes for quick umbrella style shade with blankets and pillows, candles and flowers

set sail from a sandy escape in the salty sea air into the wide open waterspace with the sound and the smell of the sea

scout out the right spot for a blanket and chairs amidst a summer musical festival by the lake of grassy lawns of the outdoor concert hall or gazebo

listen to the pouring rain and thundering sounds in a cozy cabin and toast with a glass of wine by flashlight, carlight or no light

capture the moonlight casting its’ glow on the water and the outdoor theater surounded by tall pine trees and thousands of stars while sharing a big bag of hot popcorn along with sips from thermoses of hot coffee or hot chocolate

then, there is always a champagne or wine toast for two on a blanket by the light and warmth of a crackling fireplace at home

a simple escape, in just a picnic state-of-mind . . . (wink)!


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