l a k e s i d e

.  grab a summer tote and go!

.  don a silly hat

.  any excuse for a party outdoors

.  give me a comfortable space for a chair in a quiet spot

.  to hug the water’s edge

.  slip into the soft romantic lull of summer

.  repurposing with a purpose

.  relax, on lake time

.  immersed in a book or writing

.  snack in between

.  the delights are the unexpected

.  once again marvel at nature

.  people – watching

.  forgetting about the time

.  walk to the shack for an ice cream

.  relish the simple pleasures

.  gorgeous lake views in front of us

.  welcoming spaces

.  100 yr old trees reach to the sky, massive limbs outstretched, umbrella us from the sun

.   recharging our batteries

.  in the pleasure of unhurried pursuits

.  on a staycation not far from home

.  l a k e s i d e

.  when not covid19ing or sheltering in

13576909_1066366620106574_5944597073258251895_o (2)



turtle – turtle

da-dum,  da-dum. . .

turtle figurine
Photo by Weiwei Chen on Pexels.com

a slow moving day/

at a turtle’s pace/

in slow- mo, no energy for the race/

peering out from within my shell/

hunkering down hidden and disguised as well/

only to be within my little world/

to gather more energy for the finish line/

the slower I go the more I see/

with no rabbits in sight but only me/

hare today, and gone tomorrow/

and maybe this mood, without any sorrow/

not up to the muck and mud of the world/

with no rabbits in sight but only me/

t u r t l e  – t u r t l e