the winding hilly roads that lead to home


He gave us the mountains

And life amidst the tall oak, the cedars, and the pine.

The winding hilly roads that lead to home

A home with a bright red door

He gave us a view of an open meadow down below

To gaze upon a doe and her fawn

Catch a glance at a hummingbird hovering outside the window way up high

As the mountain sparrows fly freely as one in the open sky

Two gray squirrels chase each other from tree to tree

All the neighborhood dogs bark at every sound

We hear the night owl hooting in the branches of an old oak tree

And the ribbit of a lone frog in the distance

All of His magnificent display of color in the sunset above the green mountain terrain

God gave us the mountains and a home

A home with a clear stained glass window set in a bright red front door

empty asphalt road between trees
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I am covid minded when . . .

When I am in the library/study sitting at my desk ordering a mask wardrobe online scrolling from one company to the next.  Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. . .?

When my husband and I sit down to eat across from each other instead of next to each other at the dining table.

When we are at the lake trying to find a spot to sit near the water but end up back in the car with our masks still on because of the crowd of people with the same intentions.

When I need to wash my hands too many times in a day because of sneezing from allergies.  You try not to touch your face and sneeze at the same time when you forget or are still not used to sneezing into the inside of your elbow.

When I sneeze?! Or have a headache?! Do I need to take my temperature?

When we decide to go for a drive because we need a change of scenery other than our backyard and grab our masks even if we don’t have to wear them in the car.

When we need to be prepared and keep our masks readily available to put on before we go out the door.

When I desperately need a haircut and stick my head in the door with my mask on to let someone at the salon know I am outside waiting to sign in. Then, a young lady comes out to take my name and temperature. When it is my turn, she cuts my hair but doesn’t wear a mask.

When I am sheltered in and staycation in my house, on the patio, or deck instead of taking a real vacation on the coast.

When the whole pandemic world has become virtual-friendly or zoom-boxed-ready for connection and contact with family and friends for birthdays, weddings, and other occasions.

When I see and hear kids in the neighborhood playing outside taking a break from their laptops and virtual learning at home instead of being in the classroom.

When Netflix movie marathons give us a needed break from all that we see on the news of what is happening in our world since the pandemic started.

When I can order groceries or dinner from my favorite restaurant or anything online and have it delivered to my front door,

When I am constantly aware that I am one of the vulnerable because of my age and health issues and haven’t seen my own family for over a year or so.

When COVID is the present norm that has become a part of our everyday existence.

When loved ones have died alone and separate from their families without any goodbyes.

When my mother-in-law lives in an Independent Living facility . Because of lockdown has not seen her family for months and is very lonely. She was recently diagnosed with cancer.

When we wait for the last and final stages of a vaccine to be approved, marketed, and administered for Covid-19.

When I am not sure if I will be one of the thousands to stand in line to get it.







s p a c e


*a room with no walls

*nooks and crannies

* solitude

*the ocean

*cowboy livin’

*my side of the bed

*your space, my space

*our space

*adirondack chairs


*between here and there



*the cosmos

*Gods’ country

*sheltered in

*a room of one’s own

*a car’s constant search



*a man cave

*a she shed


*back roads

*a seat on the bus, train, plane, car or boat, etc.



*wide – open spaces

*breathing room (with or without a mask/ masked or unmasked)

*a pause


*what separates words

*what separates us

*outer space

*the road to Vegas

*a secret space

*an in-between space

*give me space

*limited in time

*the mountains

*an arm’s length

*between heaven and earth



spread confetti, not covid!

*snail mail at its best

*when seeing or hearing the mail truck driving down our street

*opening regular or anticipated mail delivered at your door or in your mailbox

*wide-eyed over your loved ones or friends’ personal handwriting

*a gift opened sometimes in anticipation of who sent it

*maybe someone thinking of you by taking the time to send it

*loved by any and all ages, even your pet

*stamped with love

*unwrapped to a party of confetti hearts or colorful shredded paper nestling a gift of a letter, a simple letter, and/ or a gift

*love,  traveling and sent by snail mail

*joyfully received in COVID-19’s time of masked sheltering  in or lockdown

*when we all have time

*to make or take the time

*when time is all we have to give

*to send a party of confetti


*. . .I think I just heard the mail truck stop

I always stick my head out the door and yell “thank you” to the person who delivered the unexpected and surprise in/of snail mail

AND, yes, send a party of confetti to thank the one who sent it.