a rich source of information written in a quick easy manner

for clarity and growth

to get things out of your head

a map

a reminder

one piece of paper

to feel organized and accomplished

a sense of order or no particular order

can be continually added on to

very useful

common activity

memory jogger

sums up quickly

filter out info


refer back to

use only one word to a few words

saves time

give back time

as many lists as there are people

everyone makes lists

quick method of reading

focuses on one or many areas of your life at a time depending on subject matter

accomplishment in a quick decisive manner

write. just get it down



jot, jot, jot

instant notetaking

scribbled on sticky post it notes, all sizes and all colors

fun to write


no punctuation, spelling, or grammar

use abbreviations (abbs) /shorthand

infuse your personality and creativity

llive by lists, lists, lists

scribbled notes on whatever paper is handy at the moment

try to be prepared by carrying pen, paper, etc. on my small black with gold polka dot clipboard

everybody needs a hobby

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