January ends. February begins.

Where did January go?

It followed December. Ha!

February, always a short month to unfold.

The month of romance.

Valentine’s Day

The month my mountain man got up the nerve to ask me to go steady and wear his ring that was so big that I had to hang it around my neck. Going steady. That’s what we called it back then.

A sweet month.

A sweet day.

Heart-to-heart moments.

Declarations of love.

Even for Punxsutawney Phil lookin’ for his shadow.

Was he lookin’ for his shadow or someone to call his sweetheart

When there’s love in the air.

In the American Heart Month

And President’s Day

In the changing winds of winter with spring possibly arriving in weeks?

All eyes on Punxsutawney Phil and if he sees his shadow

Or maybe he will find someone to watch the Super Bowl with as it played out underground depending on the weather.

Oh! the Super Bowl usually plays out in January, I know. But, remember January followed December.

. . .

They just disappeared.

(. . .together!)

We can only wait now to see what the new year brings in the months ahead. . . .

Only Punxsutawney Phil knows.

(. . . maybe a little Punxsutawney Phil?)

Groundhog Day will never be the same.



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