Significant: Event(s)

Significant: High(s)

Significant: Low(s)

Significant: Accomplishment(s)

Significant: Conversation(s)

Significant: Person(s)

Significant: Reading(s)

Significant: Writing(s)

Significant: Change(s)

One Word: For the Week

One Word: For the Day

One Word: For the Month

One Word: For the Year

One Sentence: Calendar Journal

Writing: Ideas

Writing: Lessons

Writing: Blogs

Writing: Notebook (journal of writing progress/ word count/ etc)

Writing; Freewriting

Writing: Quotes

Writing: Morning Pages/ End of the Week Questions

Writing: Personal Journal

Writing: Abbreviations -Abbs:/abbs/abb(s):

Writing: Blogposts

Writing: #justthe2ofus

Writing: #etcetcetc

Writing: #wordswordswords

Writing: Fb posts

Writing: Fb Photos

Writing: #sixwordwritingstories

Writing: #sixwordwritingexperiences

Writing: #sixwordcovid19stories

Calendar: Days 1-31 – Personal

Calendar: Month – Personal

Calendar: Year – Personal

Blogpost: Calendar

Blogpost: Bucket List No. 1

Blogpost: Articles

Blogpost: Photos

Fb: Calendar

Fb: Posts

Fb: photos

LIST: List of Lists

List: #books, books, books

LIST; Books To Read. Not to Read

LIST: Book Notes

LIST: Book Gift Ideas

LIST: Personal Library List

LIST: Bucket No. 1

LIST: Daily Blessings

LIST: Call/See/Do/Shopping/Prayers

LIST: E-mail Addresses

LIST: E-mail (Incoming/Outgoing)

LIST: Amazon Orders

LIST: To Do/Ta-Da

LIST: Conversations (personal . . )

LIST: First Thoughts

LIST: December Christmas Gift Ideas/ Gifts purchased

Projects: Knitting

Projects: Muslin Rose wreath/ lampshade

Projects: Christmas


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