autumn hour

A photo by Autumn Mott., the changing season of letting go of summer as leaves color and fall from dry branches

Clocks still tick away after falling back yet gain an hour to transition within coming days

Days eventually of winters’ turning to the cold chill of snow and rain

All of nature and ours hunkering down in slumbering ways

Slowing down for the body’s gain

Until our body clocks take back the hour to springs’ eventual awakening reign.

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from door to door to door

Staring off into the dark of night

Watching as it turns slowly into day

As early morning light shadows in dull shades of gray

Wrapped in a warm quilted blanket by the fire

Only to venture out another day

To explore, to experience the season through all my senses

When layered up to walk out the door

Almost running to get in and out of the car to my destination

For only a moment’s quick blast of the winds

selective focus photography of red fruits with snow
Photo by Nadine Wuchenauer on

cold chill upon my face, felt through every cell of my core

Enough to layer up for

And to venture out

From door to door to door

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b e a r – l y !

It’s an early wake-up call as Baby hangs around the front door anxious to go outside

When coming to the end of the driveway, she decides to go up the hill instead of down.

Where the neighborhood male dog quartet begin barking in unison and attentive aggravated style

For now they are all aware of Baby’s rare visit as she stretches her legs to venture out and pass them all by

The quartet have no choice but to keep within their boundaries behind fences, some on leashes as well

Which results in a short visit among chattering sounds of the other animal menagerie skittering out and about in the familiar mountain meadow wood

When a bear and other dogs live in Baby’s Village neighborhood miles away and roam in their own familiar territory without her around

For the time that she will be visiting us, it’s only the neighborhood dog quartet and a familiar choir of a chattering animal menagerie

Along with my quiet cuddly old bear husband lagging behind still holding the leash

With a questionable look on his face that makes one wonder who is walking who.

And, just bear- ly?!