** snail mail at its best

*when seeing or hearing the mail truck driving down our street

*opening regular or anticipated mail delivered at your door or in your mailbox

*wide-eyed over your loved ones or friends’ personal handwriting

*a gift opened sometimes in anticipation of who sent it

*maybe someone thinking of you by taking the time to send it

*loved by any and all ages, even your pet

*stamped with love

*unwrapped to a party of confetti hearts or colorful shredded paper nestling a gift of a letter, a simple letter, and/ or a gift

*love,  traveling and sent by snail mail

*joyfully received in COVID-19’s time of masked sheltering  in or lockdown

*when we all have time

*to make or take the time

*when time is all we have to give

*to send a party of confetti


*. . .I think I just heard the mail truck stop

I always stick my head out the door and yell “thank you” to the person who delivered the unexpected and surprise in/of snail mail

AND, yes, send a party of confetti to thank the one who sent it.












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