*a room with no walls

*nooks and crannies

* solitude

*the ocean

*cowboy livin’

*my side of the bed

*your space, my space

*our space

*adirondack chairs


*between here and there



*the cosmos

*Gods’ country

*sheltered in

*a room of one’s own

*a car’s constant search



*a man cave

*a she shed


Six feet apart/distancing

*back roads

*a seat on the bus, train, plane, car or boat, etc.



*wide – open spaces

*breathing room (with or without a mask/ masked or unmasked)

*a pause


*what separates words

*what separates us

*outer space

*the road to Vegas

*a secret space

*an in-between space

*give me space

*limited in time

*the mountains

*an arm’s length

*between heaven and earth



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