a new stuffed toy

healthy treats for their teeth

caring enough to add them to your family photo wall

a cozy sweater and/or hat

a fresh and new comfy bed

a dazzling festive collar

tissue paper as you unwrap a gift to play with, keep them occupied

a colorful bouncy ball

a box to play, hide in, or tear up

a mechanical toy

reindeer antlers, little santa or elf hat

Santa reds

bells and whistles

a stocking hung with care and lots of healthy goodies

when they give you so much unconditional love in return

include them on your shopping list

they are an important part of the family and will surely be joining in!


After all, Santa has his reindeer

To those who have lost their beloved family pet over this year

Remember them by adding a photo ornament of them on the tree

Or, bring their framed photo out to add near the tree or in a special spot

Gift yourself with a shadow boxed remembrance with its’ collar. a lock of hair, favorite toy, all to frame and hang on the wall

Say a prayer or light a candle to remember them this holiday season




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