l a k e s i d e

.  grab a summer tote and go!

.  don a silly hat

.  any excuse for a party outdoors

.  give me a comfortable space for a chair in a quiet spot

.  to hug the water’s edge

.  slip into the soft romantic lull of summer

.  repurposing with a purpose

.  relax, on lake time

.  immersed in a book or writing

.  snack in between

.  the delights are the unexpected

.  once again marvel at nature

.  people – watching

.  forgetting about the time

.  walk to the shack for an ice cream

.  relish the simple pleasures

.  gorgeous lake views in front of us

.  welcoming spaces

.  100 yr old trees reach to the sky, massive limbs outstretched, umbrella us from the sun

.   recharging our batteries

.  in the pleasure of unhurried pursuits

.  on a staycation not far from home

.  l a k e s i d e

.  when not covid19ing or sheltering in

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caught unmasked

#justthe2ofus happily sheltering in together. . . at home. You just caught us unmasked.

(Stay home and shop online for a few masks to add to your mask wardrobe for the times you do go out in public).




turtle – turtle

da-dum,  da-dum. . .

turtle figurine
Photo by Weiwei Chen on Pexels.com

a slow moving day/

at a turtle’s pace/

in slow- mo, no energy for the race/

peering out from within my shell/

hunkering down hidden and disguised as well/

only to be within my little world/

to gather more energy for the finish line/

the slower I go the more I see/

with no rabbits in sight but only me/

hare today, and gone tomorrow/

and maybe this mood, without any sorrow/

not up to the muck and mud of the world/

with no rabbits in sight but only me/

t u r t l e  – t u r t l e




love basket

NOT  just a usual packed picnic basket

Taken on your weekend away or on day trips

To the beach, lake, or special getaway day

It includes more than

A light blanket

Wine glasses

Small cheese board with mini cleaver

Tablecloth/cloth napkins

Dishes, real or Styrofoam, or Chinese take out boxes

Plastic forks/spoons or real flatware, with serving spoons needed

Mini salt and pepper shaker set

Candles or candelabra, with matches or batteries

Table (palette, or other), with chairs and umbrella or sail

You can put as much love into this as you like by setting the scene.

Include a small vase of flowers

Stop at a deli or favorite food spot for lunch of your choice to include in your basket or cooler

Find a spot perfect for your romantic time together

Conversation is to be focused on the two of you, no one or nothing else (kids, cell phones, iPad, the dog, etc).

AND don’t forget dessert – from the local bakery.

Along with a little surprise (gift) in the bottom of the basket for each other


Give LOVE BASKETS for wedding gifts, anniversaries, etc.

It’s a picnic ❤ for two.

Just the two of you.

And not just for the summer.



Photo by Tofros.com on Pexels.com

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