m E o W !

Whisper. (purrrrrring).

I’m over the moon kat krazy because I have my own blog.

m E o W- m E o W!

Thanks to April. She rescued me years ago (purrrrrrrrrrrrrr) and gave me my forever home when her grandma said “April needs someone to love and take care of.”

I was April’s birthday present from grandma that year. No cake?! Or a greenie treat! Love was the best gift, even for me, a cat living in a cage in an animal shelter.

She had read and signed all the necessary papers to make it official. I was trying to say goodbye to all my other feline friends and dogs, when finally I was on my way out the door and to another place that I would call my “forever home.”

It was on the way that April named me. With my eyes closed, they thought I was asleep. I was in the carrier on the right side in the back seat with April next to me. Her mother drove more cautious than usual. They started whispering because they didn’t want to wake me. Then, April’s mom asked her what she thought of the name “Whisper.” She loved it so much she started saying it out loud over and over again. So excited she thought she woke me up. I loved it.

Once at home, and inside, the door to my big fancy carrier was opened and I had quickly eyed a spot to run to close by.

I crouched under the entertainment center and tried to get my bearings. . . “m E o W.” Check out the place.

I didn’t smell or hear any dogs barking. It was fairly quiet and thetwo of them just couldn’t give me enough attention.

I saw another door and was curious to see what it led to, found myself running under a big bed, slipping under it just in time when they came running in after me. The next thing I knew I had all these eyes staring at me from the floor.

They tried everything to coax me out from under that bed, but I didn’t budge. I needed some space to figure out my next move., and time to get used to all of this. When they finally gave up and decided to give me some time and space to breathe, I saw my chance to scout and sniff out the room.

They kept calling “Whisper,” and it wasn’t until later that I realized it was my new name. Not many cats answer when you call their name. I loved hearing it, every time, and still do. “m E o W !”

One home turned out to be short-lived when the lady took me back to the shelter. But if she had not taken me back, for whatever reason, I know I would not have found my real forever home with April.

I also found out that I had been abandoned, left behind, in someone’s home. I don’t know why they moved away. Why I was left behind I don’t even know how long I had been in that house by myself. before I was discovered. I don’t even know how long I was at the shelter.

Most of the people would choose a dog over all of us cats. It was just the way of the shelter, the mountains and the rolling hills. I got it. But we cats have instincts and could be great guardians of safety and companionship, too. We could even be walked if we had one of those fancy strapped things that go around our bodies with a leash attached to it. They are now new on the market.

I could even walk through the neighborhood aand listen to, even talk to all the barking dogs. I’ve known a few and it is true that their barks are bigger than their bite. Some, at the shelter, were my best friends.

I think it was just a day or two before I no longer needed to run or hide under that bed. I began to slowly hang out in the big spaces of my new home that was much bigger than the cage I had grown accustomed to. I had so much freedom to run and stretch and exercise my legs. I didn’t think I was going to need that walking leash after all.

Did I hear someone call, “Whisper?”

It was when I began to fall in love with April, and her mom and dad

And, now, my “forever home.”

m E o W !


April passed away in 2012. I miss her! She had a big heart. We knew each other long enough to love and take care of each other. I waited and waited for her to come through the door. She never did. But I know she didn’t abandon me. Or leave me behind. Her mom and dad adopted me and we all know her spirit is with us every day. We are all still a forever family and always will be. “m E o W!” . . . . puurrrrrrrrrrr!<3

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