Mornings unfold in the quiet mountain meadow wood

Days fill with joy in the beauty that always arrives in spring

Where brilliant sunlight beams through open blinds and lightens up every room

Not a cloud seen for miles in the vast blue sky

so welcomed after yesterday’s dark moments of thundering clouds and blustery wind.

Today earth’s abundance of blossoms showcase in a colorful array

In the purple lilac trees, the white popcorn hydrangeas, the miniature red roses, and the profusion of small yellow blossoms covering a big tree just outside our front door

Overflowing with a combination of sweet fragrances swirling all about in the open air

that bring ongoing misery and mountain miserableness from pollen’s airborne flight.

The unending scratchy red swollen itchy eyes, nose and throat

yet still captivated by each and every glorious and sweet allergic display.

AH -choo!


spring, mountain, meadow, pollen, allergies, flowers, lilacs, miniature red roses

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