. ponder over it

. weigh it back and forth, back and forth again from one word to another

. try on more than one at a time

. walk around with them for awhile

. familiarize yourself with them to choose only one, when it cannot be forced

. think of the new year and what to hope for most in your life

. the different ways or areas you may need/want to grow or change or experience

. what will deeply move you forward in 2021

. maybe something of a fun nature when life can get too serious at times

. a word, to show up when least expected but when you need it

. when it keeps showing up to confirm itself

. then, and only then to watch how it unfolds through the year and applies in your days

. keep notes and write down what happens when it decides to visit

. one word –one word that will manifest itself in different ways right before your eyes

. one experience after another

. one word reso instead of the usual resos that become lost and disappear somewhere along the way

. one word reso for the coming year

. one word


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