I’ll be home for Christmas

You can count on me

four pine cones on top of brown wooden surface
Photo by Jessica Lewis on Pexels.com

O’er the fields we go laughing all the way

To show up via Uber, by helicopter, plane, fire truck, bus, boat, or Santa’s borrowed sleigh

Where candles burn to light the way

Where family all meet together on this festive and holy day of days

Making more cherished memories

Sharing moments with the special people in our lives

To keep and carry on family traditions

Where large or small selfie sessions need a selfie stick

Or a camera needs a tripod

Where everyone gathers by the tree for the family photo

While sweet and savory smells abound in the kitchen with all the trimmings

Waiting for all to gather around the table to say grace

And bless us everyone

To later share and exchange family recipes

Of cheese fondue, chicken wings, Mac and cheese, turkey loco, prime rib, baked garlic bulbs, ambrosia salad, divinity, chocolate covered cherries, apple or pecan pie, the list goes on. . .

Give and get plenty of hugs

Catch up on everyone’s lives

Cry happy tears over the son or daughter on holiday family leave from serving their country

Remember those no longer with us at the table but with us in heart and spirit

The place we retreat to for comfort and joy of spending time with loved ones

The holidays that we look forward to

Where we realize there is no place else we would rather be

To toast the holidays and each other

Where we will all be home for Christmas

“If only in our dreams”

When this Covid pandemic dies

Until the sheltering in and lockdowns pass

We remain nostalgic for days of yore and yours


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