close up of two flute glasses filled with sparkling wine wuth ribbons and christmas decor
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Come disguised and wrapped in Christmas paper

And, cards that say  “Happy December birthday” or “merry birthday” . . .

Celebrate with cake and candles to wish on, on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, if not on their special day

Find a combo birthday/Christmas gift to open (you guessed it), under the tree

Take a birthday choir call from family members/friends, to hear all the love and smiles in their voices, even if it’s off-key

Actually are really surprised when those they love all gather around to remember their special day amidst a rushed holiday season, with a different kind of joy and love to remember

“Happy Birthday” to all of you celebrating this month,

With cake and candle wishes,

A toast to you on your special day,

Lots of sweet frosting

Love felt and heard

In live” and “loud” off-key birthday song –




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