• E7A93DA3-ECBA-4275-989C-ED283541C3D2unravel
  • leave your list at home
  • forget to buy batteries for that one present you are giving to a child
  • hide a gift and then forget where you hid it
  • send a Christmas card without signing it or leaving an address
  • lock your keys in the car
  • procrastinate
  • put out a plate of goodies for Santa and leave nothing for Rudolph’s
  • wait until Christmas Eve to wrap all the gifts
  • wait until the last minute to make your special holiday recipe and find out that you don’t have all the ingredients
  • shop Christmas Eve
  • forget that you have fur kids celebrating along with you
  • wrap a gift and forget to add the name tag
  • to find the Christmas spirit under the tree🌲

#Christmas #Christmaslist #ChristmasEve #list #holiday #holidayrecipe #recipe #keys #batteries #todolist #todontlist


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