silhouette of mountains during dawn
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We moved and retired to the mountains in the fall season several years ago.

Coming full circle in finding a different life and way of settling down

To a new appreciation for the precious gift of time and each other.

Of which our spirits and tired bodies now thrive on mountain’s time and ways.

To hold each other close and slow dance in the kitchen.

Breathe in the fresh mountain air

Amidst the surround sound of bird choirs singing, hummers humming, blue jays and crows squawking.

The squirrels feeding on the corn cobb

Hear the lone owl’s soft hoots in the distance of a tree-shadowed by the moonlit sky.

 watch the deer 🦌 grazing nearby

A full day of earth’s giving in gentle ways that deeply heal our spirit and soul

In our mountain meadow home.

The longer we live here, the simpler life becomes

Where every day is the weekend

Living large in our mountain-size way, in small doses.


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