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I still think of my life before and after you were gone.

Losing you consumed me.

Grief attacks became my liquid prayers.

Tears that are lovingly kept in a bottle where you now live.

Every day, grief put on a new face.

God’s loving spirit and His Word became my healing balm.

Helped me remember who I was before, who I am still, always your mother.

Change came slowly

Giving sorrow words

And grief its’ time.

I still miss the goodbye, never said.

But cherish your last words
” I love you” as you smiled and went off to bed

I say your name and think of you a thousand times a day.

Your mother’s broken heart still beats after you died.

I will always remember you

And keep your memory alive

You are now at peace in heaven

But you will always be my little girl and forever in your mother’s heart.


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