. . .Who passed away recently and my “Baby”-dawg-loving-heart will never be the same.

A dawg that was more than a dawg.

She kept me company over many weekend and weekly vacation stays as her owners took much needed time away from their work.

We officially called her our “resident family guard dog” when she was here.

Even though that rough bark was just noise because her heart spoke louder along with that wagging tail that gave her away.

But it was those big expressive eyes that spoke the loudest penetrating my heart so deeply that I could not resist them as hard as I tried.

She was easy to spoil and love her as if our own.

She filled my days with so much more.

She was the one taking care of me. Loving me.

She gave unconditionally, as all animals do; she, with all her loving dawg heart and soul and slobber.

She was our “Baby” for the short times she was here.

R I P sweet dawg Baby.

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