*when something we ordered online finally arrives at the front door

*being a grandmother/ my grandchildren

*banana or lemon bread with hot tea

*eating healthy fries (baked)

*fast wifi

*bear hugs

*group hugs

*a big bowl of hot steaming homemade soup

*neck and forehead kisses

*hanging out with my “mountain man-wannabe cowboy”-husband

*receiving a package in the mail

* “just because” flower gifts

*celebrating a baby’s birth

*classical music

*moonlit nights

*eating popcorn of the organic kind

*sitting on the back deck adirondack-rocking while soaking in God’s natural vitamins

*a new book to read

*a hot bath to soak in

*pampering days and nights

*pajama days

*being spoiled and waited on when I’m sick

*quiet and solitude

*our cat, Whisper, her loving purr-sonality

*Fb photos



*fields of wildflowers

*lemon trees

*lemon water

*braking for softee cones

*Starbucks protein boxes


*confetti mail

*confetti days of celebration and fun

*pencil dancing (writing)

*a personal blog



*. . . dandelions to wish on


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