the simplest of pleasures this morning satisfy my soul

that of baby birdsong in a chirpy hungered state heard from one of the trees close by as I listened from the window

when in the next breath I hear only the quiet of the meadow

several little creatures that were once full of chirpy cries of hunger now quietly feed and find content

I bite into the sweet juiciness of a pear, another pleasure, to start my day well that will keep me chirping and content for awhile

savoring the quietness surrounding me in an empty nest that needs spring cleaning

and no one around to hear me singing a song sometimes humming through it because I’ve forgotten the words

as the tune or melody keeps me humming along from room to room

I stop, for just a moment, to catch the wing flight of a humming-bird flitting by the kitchen window in search of a feeder that is not there

(when it’s a reminder that they need to be filled for this little soul-thirsty hungry winged one)

another pleasure in this day that feeds my soul

the soul quiet contentment of a day simply nurtured through God and His small-winged creatures.


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