Give me words, words, words

To write my next blog post, http://www.trampolinesky. com

To find my WORD OF THE YEAR,

For a special thank you note,

To say what I want to say,

To mind-map.

The right ones for my Fb post when communicating about my day.

To collect for my WORD COLLECTION book.

For my LEARN- A- WORD – A – DAY with its’ definition.

To express this day in ONE SENTENCE in my daily journal.

To say “I love you” and “How was your day, dear?” in a different way every day with an added kiss and hug.

To jot down and clearly define my whole day in ONE WORD on my calendar.

Give me words, words, words that express gratitude and thanks in this day, each a gift in a list of #1000gifts journal.

For Christmas letters with confetti.

For writing short stories, my family/personal timeline, I REMEMBER/I DON’T REMEMBER memory book, posts online, journal entries, my book, all writing.

For the emotions that bubble up during the holidays.

Just the right words, words, words for the person who needs it today in this pandemic world.

To remember to say those very three important ones that mean a lot: “ I am sorry . . .”

To say “I love you “ when I say goodbye to a loved one when I never know if it will be the last words I say to them.

Which turn out to be more than

Just words, words, words


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