a dairy queen swirled triple decker vanilla ice cream cone


spending hours in a bookstore or library alone or with my guy holding a blank check

pajama days

foot massages

fresh baked strawberry shortcake with layers of strawberries and whipped cream

violin or cello, classical, piano  or Doo Wop music

books, books, books

sleeping in, waking up slowly

cat naps with or without my cat

black pilot G-2 07 pens

going braless at home

reading, reading, reading in a cozy corner, at the lake, in my Adirondack rocker, in the car, the reading room…just about anywhere

blank narrow-ruled books to fill

Staples small ruled tablets

sticky notes (bright pink and lime green), large and small

writing / blogging in my personal library/study, café, or coffee shop



SCHNOOG’S organic quinoa bowl

fresh pineapple

a Starbucks bistro (protein) box


cream puffs – oh, with lots and lots of puffy cream

fresh whipped cream without sugar

shopping online because I love getting packages delivered right to my door

vitamin sea

teddy bears

a love basket

sexy dark whipstiks

a wardrobe of basic black paired with dark red, white, or gray

polka dots and stripes

fresh cut flowers – hydrangeas, sunflowers, heather and lavender


three o’clock coffee dates

slow kisses

day trips to the lake or Murphy’s with a picnic basket in tow, just the two of us

luxuriating in a hot Neutrogena body oil bath – a light sesame formula with Neutrogena rainbath refreshing shower and bath gel

an inviting hammock with fluffy laced pillows along with classical music playing in my ear

dancing in the kitchen

yoga- yoga, yoga nidra, face yoga

toasted croissant with melted butter and honey  (my honey)

juicy grass-fed beef burgers on a ciabatta roll with avocado (and bacon)

coffee with morning sunshine and my guy

just the two of us

anything French

going barefoot in the house– my house, your house. . .

a pampering day




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