It’s when I find my food and water in the master bathroom.

And my box in their bedroom at the beginning of the day.

Instead of in the usual spot in the kitchen.

And, did I mention the sheets that are out for covering up the furniture.

It’s when I know that BIG dog, named Baby, is coming usually to visit, and sometimes stay for days.

I waited this time in between naps…

She didn’t arrive until after dinner.

She brings her own bag of dog necessities, her blanket, and her bed.

Her food and water are placed by the wood burning stove.

Her toy is near her blanket on another area of the living room floor by the front door.

Her snacks and leash are on the drain board.

But, there is one place she cannot call hers.

It’s the master bedroom where I can breathe and feel is my spot and completely my own.

I do sneak out into my familiar surroundings

When Baby goes for walks, visits, and barks up a storm with the neighborhood dogs.

Or when she wants to be out on the patio in the morning entertaining the squirrels and birds.

There is a black cat that like to hang around and get my attention.

I could be a little grateful that it cannot be found anywhere around when Baby comes to stay.

At night this big dog sleeps on her bed in the hallway by their bedroom, my usual territory, separated by a closed door (with the laundry hamper leaned against it while I try to sleep).

She likes to stay close.

Okay. Baby is part of our family and has been for a long time She’s nice to have around.

She is an alarm clock, an alarm, and protector-companion with a big bark and appetite, yet tender heart.

Most of the time all I want to do anyway is sleep and can easily adapt to the smallest of places.

Or take an occasional run down the long hall chasing a golf size ball or toy when she isn’t in the house.

Or curl up in a lap for awhile when the Giants are playing on the flat screen.

Okay.  I can try to keep the area around my bowl cleaner.

I can do this.

But not for any other dog besides Baby, as big and tender-hearted or as special as she can be.

So my owners say, and a lot. For a dog.

So, one more thing. . .

To Baby:





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