newly wed running
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When asked to wear his senior ring that was so big I wore it on a chain around my neck

Later surprised with a specially designed one when asked to be his wife

Sold his saddle for a ring, my engagement ring

For long drives in his red pickup truck

For three o’clock Wednesday coffee dates after working long hard days at the hospital

Holding hands through long and tender conversations

When years have passed

From square dancing in a group

To now dancing in the kitchen

Just the two of us

Sitting together by an inside fire

Love still in the air, the mountain air to retire

Because of our first glance in each other’s direction

Forty-nine years now by God’s blessing

None of it by chance

But of sacred vows to God and one another

That began in a month of sweet romance

Happy trails we have traveled together

This wannabe cowboy, without his saddle or horse

A saddle that now sits on my finger

My cowboy’s great sacrifice and love, for our “wedd-ed” course

For continuing long happy trails together

Just the two of us

My wannabe cowboy and me

With just the right-sized saddle on my finger, instead of on his horse

Who would have thought a saddle could be made to fit on my finger

(wink – God did!)

x o x o x o



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