There she stood in all her angelic splendor

In a halo of glistening white

Of pearled wings sprinkled with sparkling gold

With a transcendent smile that lit up my heart on a glorious New Years Eve night

Ever in awe of her heavenly presence and spirit

With that familiar smile and twinkle in her eye as she blew a kiss and quickly took flight

A visit we will treasure from one we love(d) so dear

As she disappeared into the heavens that once felt so far yet now feels ever so near


(I woke up on New Year’s Day and realized it was a dream yet so real that no one can convince me otherwise of her visit.  .  . with sprinkles of gold left behind.)

NOTE: This writing was inspired and remembered by my first post “Marshmallow Trampoline Sky,” found on the last page of this blog.

blur bokeh bright color
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