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After almost two decades of living in the mountains and learning the mountain way

It wasn’t until today that I realize I am officially an old but strong mountain woman.

I don’t chop wood, but I do my part in carrying  it in the cold house to light fires in our wood-burning stove to show off the roaring style of heat just as well if not better than my eagle scout mountain man.

I do like to stack the chopped wood upright and in neat little rows in the corner by the stove inside a big wicker basket .

I still refuse to sleep in dirt-covered mountain socks and boots or let the hair grow under my arms or on my legs, and never on my chin. But I sometimes go days without a bath or washing my hair. My definition of naked is when I go without my dark wine lipstick that gives my face a pop of color and look of wellness.

I am keenly aware of my surroundings and comings and goings. One would be wise to call before thinking about a visit or even ringing the doorbell.

Don’t fool with me or  you will hear me loud and clear as I practice my mountain woman roar!

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