pull out all the stops

for a bit of razzle -dazzle

star razzle-dazzle with talent

no loss for glitz and glam

just the right touch of the wow factor

you just being you

as an invisible red carpet rolls out before you wherever you go

to take a bow to the applause of a standing ovation

in your head

and in your soul

to razzle-dazzle in your dream of dreams

then one day to make it so

for your words written in a book that has become a best seller and your audience asking for a sequel, and others wanting a series

for an eye-catching displayed invitation in a popular book shop set up for your first book signing

to paint your own Van Gogh that lights up the art gallery and draws a crowd

to a sold out audience waiting to see the dance of your own choreography on center stage

razzle-dazzle ’em

you simply just being you



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