• if it is recommended by someone I know and after I’ve ruffled a few of its pages to check it out for myself

• if it is one of my many genres of interest

• if it is an author I have read before and want/need to read everything he/she has written

• NOT because it is in the BEST SELLER LIST

• if the pages grab my attention to the point that I cannot put it down

• if I like the author’s style

• after I have read the first and last page of comments and a little about the author’s life

• NOT because they have been on the BEST SELLER LIST for the whole year

• if I need to grab a pen and paper to take notes

• if the author spares his readers of bad language

• if the book is inspirational and motivational

• NOT because it is on the NEW YORK BEST SELLER LIST

• if I gain wisdom from it

• if I think I might read it again or use it as a resource

• if the author really grabs my attention and I cannot pull away from the pages

• if it keeps talking to me and pulls me back again and again


• when I can hold the book in my hand, turn its pages, to have its own special space in my personal library, not hanging in cyberspace

• if I carry it around in the book store as I skim the shelves for other reads

• if I can get it online or at the neighborhood bookstore or library NOW

Then, and only then, it goes on my BEST SELLER READING LIST and soon added to the shelf in my own home library studio.



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