photo-1428660285748-340f4e33d608clockunsplashfreeOne year ends, another begins

After you take care of the unfinished business from the last year

A new chapter of your life is waiting to be written

Say H E L L O to it

Make a coffee toast on the morning of Day 1 of the New Year

Pull out the new calendar(s) to hang, write in, or click into

This is the beginning of 3 6 5 fresh new days

Fresh starts

Out with the old and in with the new

No resos or goals but to write only One Word for 2018 to focus on for the whole year

Think seriously about what you need to let go of

To do things you haven’t done before

A clean slate

Think about all aspects of your life: mentally, physically, spiritually, relationally, and personally in terms of growth

Cherish each moment, in the moment

Cherish each other

Remember to say “I love you” at least 1x a day to your spouse, child(ren), parent(s), sibling(s)

Spend time with those you love – family

Make each day an adventure


Dream big

Dreams give birth to change

One small change leads to another like a domino effect

Celebrate birthdays on birthdays

Count your blessings

Make each day special

New lives will take their first breath

Some will take their last

Celebrate it by living life to the fullest every day

Dance in the kitchen and in your heart

Begin and end each day with a grateful heart


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