photo-1457199614220-49ec5ec67180bubblewrapunsplashfree• what many of you will get for Christmas this year as you wrap or unwrap a gift 🎁

• to pop pop pop

• dare to give a gift without it

• irresistible to just leave in the box

• fun to open a gift to find it

• safely holds your thoughtful loving gift completely in its pillowy tender care

• not just meant for all your breakables to protect as you pack for a big move

• available in all sizes

• not meant to wrap the holiday surprises without it

•or any other celebratory gifted occasion

-and, miss the pop pop pop?!!

• enjoy gift giving wrapped in bubble wrap LOVE

• pop pop pop!!!


(Dedicated to Nancy Bradley in her memory- her love for bubble wrap – the experience of all the popping going on shared by all at her memorial – pop pop pop!!!!!!.)

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