img_0091when it rains through a drought

when you know you have a place to come in from the rain

when you can light a fire or have heat to keep warm

when there is a pot of soup on the stove to warm and feed your body and soul

when you have a warm blanket and bed to sleep in at the end of the day

when you can say it’s a good day

when your children are safe and sleeping nearby

when you wake up and no longer are hungry, cold and homeless because of an earthquake, flood or hurricane that has devastated and changed your life

it’s a good day when you wake up in your own room in your own place you call home

because when you have not had a good day

when someone’s loved one is killed in a random senseless shooting

you appreciate the days that are good, and thankful for what you have but more than grateful to just have each other

and take the opportunity to reach out, pray, help, and be there for those who don’t


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