IMG_0293.a Cheshire cat moon smiling back at me


.cloud angels

.a harbor tucked in the fog

.yarn shops, in every town or city I visit

.bookstores, in every town or city I visit

.the ocean’s wave

.Starbucks protein box

.dancing in the kitchen

.a photo opportunity

.whisperings of God’s still small voice


.Schnoogs drive-through on Standard Rd in Sonora, ca

.sunrise and sunset

.soft wet kisses and bear hugs


.the quick flash of deer

.deer feeding with their young

.farmers’ markets

.art supply stores

.Wednesday 3:00 coffee dates

.In and Out burger, burgers

.breakfast burritos



.stationery stores



.lists, lists, lists

.coffee or lattes

.a phone call from my son

.Fb, Instagram, Tumbler, and Blog readers

.an idea for a short story for my blog @




what do you brake for?

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