white bed comforter
Photo by Jaymantri on Pexels.com

I wake up and I am already dressed for the day, maybe even the weekend.

I am bringing back pajama days.

It’s mandatory that we stay in pajamas all day or all weekend.

Getting dressed is always a little overrated.

Relaxing a la pajamas!

Sorry, I have to stay home and take a pajama day, or two?!

Drink tea, wear crazy fuzzy socks, and comfy pajamas.

A girl has got to relax, why not in pajamas?

Oh, my calendar says that day is reserved for a pajama day.

And Friday night is pizza night, in our pajamas.

Havin’ a great pajama day, and night- yep, the whole weekend.

Gotta go shopping first, for pajamas – (in my pajamas?!)

This is in honor of the pajama days we had together when you were with us, April.  I bet you are having a pajama day in heaven (or, living in them?!) Ha!

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