Silly-goofy laughter.

Side-splitting, aching joy.

Uncontrollable nose noises (snort!)

Great-lengths kind-of-laughter.

A pee-your-pants experience.

A hold your breath shared hilarity.

A never-hang up the fake Groucho Marx nose and mustache disguise.

Silly moments on a regular basis, because it’s the law!

Doeth good like a medicine.

Bring a little goofiness to the table, or to the party.

Inject a little silliness and goofiness into your life, every day.

Laughter heals from the inside out and upside down through and through.

It’s a good thing to share and pass on.

HaHAHAHahahahahahHAhaHahaha, (nose snort).

When I thought I would never find my smile, be happy, nose snort, or ever laugh again!

(After the loss of our daughter, April, who brought so much laughter and joy to our lives every day).

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