On any day, I would want to hang out way up high on a big white fluffy cloud 

Tumble, turn, and fly-jump high, and higher in God’s marshmallow trampoline sky

Hang around and catch one selfie

Click into FB or Instagram

For all the world to see

And then, I wake up out of my foggy dream

Knowing I had found her, she had always been with me

We laughed and played in the soft billowy clouds that God reserved for three

When all these years I could not find her, there she was

Sitting, in my dreams, watching my dreams with me

From God’s marshmallow cloud trampoline SKY

Just the three of us

April, God, and I

(My blog was named after this poem that I wrote in memory of our daughter April who passed the marshmallow trampoline sky on her way to her heavenly home.)

Tags: clouds,  sky,  God, dreams

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