the way when lost . . .

dog s nose
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When a dog is wandering around free without a leash

It’s the way of the mountain to take it in.

Someone always shelters the dog from harm’s way until its’ owner can be notified or found.

A small scraggly haired dog ran by on the road in front of our house earlier, its’ body shaking as it looked my way.

I spoke to it in a friendly tone hoping it would come to me.

But the dog ran back the way it came with a scared look in its eyes.

It breaks my heart to see any dog roaming the neighborhood or anywhere in the mountains alone.

There is no worse feeling,

Except the very moment the dog’s owner realizes it too.

a celebratory day


The day of my birth

70 years young

August 2 6

1  9  4  7

Looking back, remembering all the birthdays’ past celebrating with family and friends.

Inspired to write a birthday bucket list of celebratory moments of those to come.

Fb, Instagram, blog, and e-toast to all my days

Livin’ large with 70 balloons popping amidst a rainfall of confetti!

Blow out one candle on a fresh overstuffed cream puff that splurts out all over my giggly spirit and 70-year young wrinkled face.

the law of laughter


Silly-goofy laughter.

Side-splitting, aching joy.

Uncontrollable nose noises (snort!)

Great-lengths kind-of-laughter.

A pee-your-pants experience.

A hold your breath shared hilarity.

A never-hang up the fake Groucho Marx nose and mustache disguise.

Silly moments on a regular basis, because it’s the law!

Doeth good like a medicine.

Bring a little goofiness to the table, or to the party.

Inject a little silliness and goofiness into your life, every day.

Laughter heals from the inside out and upside down through and through.

It’s a good thing to share and pass on.

HaHAHAHahahahahahHAhaHahaha, (nose snort).

When I thought I would never find my smile, be happy, nose snort, or ever laugh again!

(After the loss of our daughter, April, who brought so much laughter and joy to our lives every day.)




I want to sleep in. Let the day unfold. Stay in my pajamas all day, maybe all week. Eat breakfast in bed. And write, write, write.

Take long walks together. Holding hands and our walking sticks.

Read, read, read. Read to learn, always to learn and be inspired to write my own story.

Find a hobby we can do together.

Take longer trips to the coast. for daily walks on the beach, breathe in the fresh sea air and be lulled by the continual rhythm of the waves.

Start our mornings out on the deck in our Adirondack rockers waiting for the sunrise to light up a new day.

Throw a blanket on the sand, lakeside, for a delicious picnic and be entertained by the gala of sailboats and kayakers.

Write my memoir, learn to knit socks, join a yoga class, and a writer’s workshop.

Spend more time with family and friends, maybe even meet some new people.

Hang around cafes and bookshops, visit the local library, maybe volunteer.

View more sunrises and sunsets from different places.

Plant an herb garden and grow miniature tomatoes.

Celebrate birthdays on birthdays.

Celebrate life in small and big ways having fun and making memories.

Eat more chocolate. The dark healthy variety.

Build a wardrobe of black and white polka dots or stripes with its’ own bling, bling, bling.

Rescue a dog.

Watch the San Francisco Giants games in the ballpark, take a mitt just in case a ball is hit my way.

Launch a blog, learn to find my way around a blogosphere,  meet other bloggers and become part of the blogging community.

Draw, take a watercolor class at the local junior college or on the Internet

Take more naps, wake up slowly.

Do crossword and jigsaw puzzles to keep my brain sharp. never stop learning.

Count my blessings, grateful for each day

To do more, or less, smiling often.

Dream big and share laughter.

As we grow older together.

My wannabe cowboy and mountain man

Just the two of us, living large, in small doses, in the mountains.