give (in the spirit of thanks)

.give of yourself

.give sacrificially

.give your all

.give forward

.give more of your time

.give it some thought

.give big

.give something

.give without expecting in return

.give to someone in need

.give from your heart

.give what you have

.give it away

.give life

.give it up

.give up

.give back

.give it a chance

.give someone a chance

.give anyway

.give in the spirit of Thanksgiving

.give when it’s not just Thanksgiving

.give in the spirit of thanks


.give it to God

i brake for . . .

IMG_0293.a Cheshire cat moon smiling back at me


.cloud angels

.a harbor tucked in the fog

.yarn shops, in every town or city I visit

.bookstores, in every town or city I visit

.the ocean’s wave

.Starbucks protein box

.dancing in the kitchen

.a photo opportunity

.whisperings of God’s still small voice


.Schnoogs drive-through on Standard Rd in Sonora, ca

.sunrise and sunset

.soft wet kisses and bear hugs


.the quick flash of deer

.deer feeding with their young

.farmers’ markets

.art supply stores

.Wednesday 3:00 coffee dates

.In and Out burger, burgers

.breakfast burritos



.stationery stores



.lists, lists, lists

.coffee or lattes

.a phone call from my son

.Fb, Instagram, Tumbler, and Blog readers

.an idea for a short story for my blog @




what do you brake for?

d o o d l i n g

13002508_10153377355291744_4841203694828145347_oThe art which you do without thinking when your mind is occupied or bored.

Spontaneous marks to help you think, keep your hand busy in the process.

Mindless art?  To you, maybe.

Just pay attention to what you doodle.

It’s a brain exercise, and good for it.

Makes you a better problem solver.

A better artist.

A better writer.

Unlocks ideas and concepts you didn’t even know were kicking around in your brain

Helps you process and retain better.

Untangles knots in your mind to clear thinking.

Improves your penmanship.

Like practicing the scales.

A deeply intuitive thing.

Open to everyone.

An inner expression of the inner self.

For a long time, I doodled only boxes, or squares, of all sizes.

To cross out, to fill in, to check off, to doodle as I journaled daily through grief and sorrow.

During the time I was packing to move and when I wasn’t packing.

When I didn’t feel like writing or smiling for a long period of time.

One day, all of sudden, out of nowhere, flowers began blossoming on the page,  with explosions of hearts and stars on every page my pen touched.

My sorrow had changed and pages had begun to blossom instead with genuine smiles from within, and, when I started thinking outside the box.

Doodling had been part of the process of grief and loss for me.

Don’t underestimate how doodling can untangle the knots of the neuropaths of your brain to life and creativity.

Watch what you doodle on the page in your unique forms, shapes, and words.

Because, without realizing it, you are probably already doodling without thinking about it.

What you doodle can tell you a lot about yourself and what is going on inside your brain and your body because everything is connected.

What are you experiencing in your life at the moment? Check to see if and what you are doodling.

Happy doodling, whatever you doodle-ly do.  It will help you to think outside the box.


“sorry, I can’t come out to play right now!”

white and black short coat puppy on black window car
Photo by on

Cars pass by day after day on their way to somewhere.

Once in a while, we hear the blaring sound of a car “honk-honk,” as it turns the corner.

Today, there was a car honking in the neighborhood off in the distance.

Without hesitation, my husband and I laughed and  yelled at the same time, “Sorry,  I can’t come out to play right now!”

It was our daughter who always would say those familiar words anytime and anywhere she heard a car honk and then she would laugh.

. . . .

I wonder if there are cars in heaven?

. . .

. . . “honk-honk!”


(…giggle-giggle) ❤